Kentucky Needs Your Lunch Money

I just got off the phone with my pop, who was goose hunting down near Paducah, KY this weekend. I asked him about the ice storm damage, and he uncharacteristically shared how bad the situation is for the people. Power trucks dogged him all the way down from Chicago, and Kentucky officials are pleading to those with power to take neighbors in, so overwhelmed the warming centers. Over a million people are still without power, and it's extremely difficult to travel from point A to B. The pictures look like how I envisioned Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

I lived in the area for a spell, and I tell you what, you don't know poor until you've seen this beltway of poor. Many have very little creature comfort as is. THIS LINK is a listing for the six food banks that serve Kentucky (you can also search Arkansas and Missouri), as compiled by Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest). Maybe you've already cut back to packing your lunch, but please consider donating even $10 to one of the food banks above. And all this after last year's Super Tuesday 84 tornado touchdowns...

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