Hooverville Ablaze

No new news to report on the serious fire at 1721 First Ave South (entire street blocked off, alleged 3-alarm blaze, but front of structure looks in tact), so why regurgitate. I just wanted to post a link to a story I did about the place a while back, "To All The Whos in Hooverville,"one of the city's biggest sleepers. Not only was Hooverville one of my top 5 favorite bars in town, but it was also the best place to pre-funk pre-stadium, and home to one of the kindest and most affable bartenders in the city, co-owner Billie Kincaid. Hooverville is closed for now.

Most of us know that Pioneer Square was the origin of the phrase "skid row," but few knew that the Hooverville building sits on land that was once occupied by the original shantytown to adopt that name. (LINK: the Rebuild Hooverville! page on Facebook)

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