Food news that caught my eye this week:

Swinery Update by Rebekah Denn (PI): More on what's happening with Culinary Communion /Gabe Claycamp's Swinery, the


Anal-Retentive Recyclers, Food Allergies, and Other Food News

Food news that caught my eye this week:

Swinery Update by Rebekah Denn (PI): More on what's happening with Culinary Communion/Gabe Claycamp's Swinery, the cured-meat business that was set to start appearing at farmers markets before the health department put Claycamp's plans on hold. It's all about permits, naturally, and sounds like the parties just need to talk out their differences.

Clean Jar, Clean Conscience

by Nina Shen Rastogi (Slate): Slate's Green Lantern column is perfect

for Uptight Seattleites who sweat the small stuff. Like me, for example

-- I've always wondered over whether I should wash out my jars before I

put them in recycling. Bonus link: Miss Manners solves another ecoproblem regarding doggie bags.

U.S. Restaurant Traffic Growth Slows

(Reuters): A rip-roaring list of statistics that seems to show

restaurant traffic only grew a little bit, but restaurants overall did

OK, mostly thanks to rises in dining deals and breakfast-lunch offerings. Holy hell, living in the Blue Zone, I didn't realize that fast food

represents 77 percent of all restaurants.

This week Gourmet had a couple of Seattle-tinged stories: One writer trekked with One Pot's Michael Hebb down I-5 in LA, gathering lemons from backyard gardens and swigging kerosene, while another cured lardo from mangalitsa pigs in Austria, mentioning Wooly Pigs in the process.

Liquor Sales Slump -- With the Exception of Whiskey

by Jerry Hirsch (LA Times): Wait, I thought booze was recession-proof?

Now it appears that only bourbon is. Another sign that we're reliving

the Great Depression?

Telling Food Allergies from False Alarms

by Tara Parker-Pope (NY Times): There's been a lot of talk about rising

food allergies in kids lately. But the blood tests being used are not always accurate, putting some overdiagnosed kids at risk for malnutrition.

Speaking of whiskey, here's an installment of the YouTube Bourbonblog, in which the host (who's a leeettle hammy) uses whiskey to spruce up his breakfast. Wait, does he live with his mom?

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