Elysian + New Belgium Collaborations Starting To Appear

Last summer, Seattle's Elysian Brewing announced a new, unique partnership with Colorado's New Belgium Brewing Company. The goals were two-fold: 1.) Elysian wanted to up production and expand into different markets, and 2.) New Belgium wanted to brew smaller batches of experimental beers.

New Belgium obtained a license to brew in our state last month and will use Elysian's facilities to play around with more obscure styles of Belgian beer, after determining their brewery in Colorado just wasn't built to the purpose. Elysian will be able to use New Belgium's state-of-the-art sustainable brewery and equipment to produce enough beer to allow them to expand into new markets. The first collaborations came out less than a month ago...


first beers to appear from the partnership, Wout and Idefix, are on tap now at the

Tangletown pub (2106 N. 55th St.) and Capitol Hill brewpub (1221 E.

Pine St.), and the Wout is available at Elysian Fields (542 1st Ave.

S.). The Wout Bier, a sour golden ale, tastes a little light on the sour,

but has a lift of citrus and tang that makes it a great introduction to

the style, like sour with training wheels. It makes a fabulous

compromise between pilsner and IPA.

The Idefix sour beer was

more than a bit more ambitious in theory and a friendly drink. A sour

ale with accents of curry and persimmon puree, the beer drank less

sharp than I anticipated, but the fruitiness was there and a mild

spiced fog came out in the aroma from the curry leaves. Neither made me pucker up, but then sour beer isn't for everyone and I think these make a smart splash for the new partnership.

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