Weight Loss on Your 2009 To Do? Make a Fat Bet

I was out for a drink this weekend when a friend informed me that she a.) was on a cleanse and b.) had a fat bet going with a friend. (She was drinking beer at the time, but I won't belabor the point.) Turns out "fat bet" was not a phrase of which I was unfamiliar but a antagonistic weight loss strategy.

The Fat Bet website takes advantage of your competitive nature, allowing you to lose weight with friends by competing for prizes or bragging rights or humiliating consequences. Each participant decides how many pounds he/she wants lose, agrees on the ante, and Fat Bet keeps track of everyone's stats. (The site does not show your weight, only the amount of pounds you want to lose and the percent of your goal you have achieved.)

Can the "Keeping up with the Jones" syndrome be applied to weight loss? Can you use the American spirit of competition to overcome a person's love of carbs, sweets, and HFCS? I wouldn't bet money on it; but I would bet for someone to detail my car....

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