Two More New Seattle Pizza Spots to Add to the (Long) List

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You may have noticed all of Seattle's foodies standing around with their mouths agape recently. Perhaps they're astounded at the staggering number of pizza places that have opened in the past few months, or maybe they're just hoping a stray pepperoni will fly in. Either way, the phenomenon is bound to continue when they hear that two more pie slingers have opened their doors to our already pizza-saturated city. That brings the grand total to somewhere around, oh, a million. No complaints from us--we love a hot slice of pie, especially when it's of the affordable variety, as in the case of MOD (made on demand) Super Fast Pizza, which arrived downtown late last November. Any pizza you order, no matter how many toppings you choose, will only run you $5.54. And you won't waste your lunch hour standing around waiting. "We make it right in front of you and then we throw it in the oven. Once they hit the oven, it's about two minutes," says co-owner James Markam, who along with Michael Klebeck (of Top Pot Doughnuts fame) and Scott and Ally Svenson of the Sierra Group hope to turn MOD into a booming chain. "We're looking at Bellevue and by the University of Washington," says Markham. The crust is a cross between New York-style and Neapolitan, but if pizza's not your thing, they also offer salads, milkshakes, and oddly enough, Ding Dongs.

The other pizza spot vying for your hard-earned dough (pun intended) opened in December on Rainier Avenue. Vince Mottola Jr. and Fred Martichuski, who run the Vince's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria chain started by Mottola's parents way back in 1957, have joined up with David Dorough to start Pulcinella Pizzeria Napoletana. Taking over the vacant spot that used to house Lakeside Tavern in south Seattle, their newest venture offers Neapolitan-style pizza made in an authentic wood-burning oven, among other Italian fare. If you head into the cozy locale, opt for the seats which offer a view of the pizza-makers in action. With so much experience under their belt, we won't be surprised to see this place turn into a beloved neighborhood eatery.

Pulcinella Pizzeria Napoletana, 10003 Rainier Ave S, 772-6861

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