Ten Places to Drink Like a Champion on Super Bowl Sunday


In no particular order:

1. The Tug Inn, 2216 SW Orchard St. Not a traditional sports bar, but who cares? The Tug's patrons drink like champions everyday, so one can only assume they'll be drinking like world conquerors on Super Bowl Sunday. Super bueno bonus: $3.50 personal pitchers, so no one is ashamed of drinking an entire pitcher by theyselves.

2. The Sloop Tavern, 2830 NW Market St. Same logic as the Tug applies here, only no hard booze. That said, the Sloop has cheap 33-ounce mugs of Rainier, so you won't have to get up very often.

3. Golden City, 5518 20th Ave. NW. Rare is the Sunday afternoon when this off-the-radar Ballard lounge isn't packed with professional drinkers. This isn't a bowl game, after all, it's the pro football championship.

4. The Crosswalk, 8556 Greenwood Ave. N. There's basically no other reason for this bar's existence than to service Sunday afternoon football fans. So this is their Super Bowl too.

5. The Wedgwood Broiler, 8230 35th Ave. NE. Two words: free popcorn. Not the shitty, stale kind you shovel yourself, but homemade in an air-popper with real butter, and delivered by veteran cocktail waitresses who care. Cozy booths here too.

6. Leny's Place, 2219 N. 56th St. They've got the same 33-ounce beer tankdards that the Sloop does, only they're a bit more expensive. But unlike the Sloop, they've also got higher-proof hooch.

7. Sluggers, 538 1st Ave. S. The highest TV-per-capita ratio in the city, and likely to be sufficiently half-packed to where you'll have your own tube. Good, cheap burgers too.

8. Madison Pub, 1315 E. Madison. One of the few gay bars in town that's: (1) a sports bar, and (2) straight-male friendly (and by straight-male friendly, I don't mean unsolicited grabs of straight males' lumber friendly, I mean friendly-friendly).

9. The Marco Polo, 5613 4th Ave. S. Fried chicken, cold beer, pepperoni grinders, chili-cheese fries, tons of tubes. Need I say more?

10. The Locker Room, 9633 16th Ave. SW. Every hour is happy hour at this White Center institution, where the regulars drink beer for breakfast. And if Busch is that beer, it only sets them -- and you -- back a little more than a buck a pop.

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