Soup! Nana's Soup House In Fremont

nanas_soup.jpgSoup is an oft under appreciated food group, probably because it's one of the foods we eat most out of a can. There is too much mediocre soup in this world. Finding someone with "the touch" for soup feels as if you've discovered buried treasure (as per the most famous Seinfeld episode). I miss my friend Meghan, who used to make the soups at DeLaurenti and recently packed her magical ladle and headed for Switzerland. Now I just have to redouble my treks to Nana's Soup House in Fremont (225 N. 36th Street). Look for the dark blue house with a neon sign in the window just as you're heading out of Fremont's main drag.

Nana's offers sandwiches, salads, and at least eight soup varieties to chose from daily, including daily vegetarian and vegan options. Stand outs include the baked potato soup, black-eyed pea & ham and the killer beef stew. Do not skip the corn bread option. That corn chowder may not be the most photogenic soup, but it was sweet and savory and wicked hot (a bonus for taker outers heading back to work). Nana's also has an espresso bar and breakfast sandwiches. Open Monday-Saturday 7:30am to 9:00pm.

Other than Pho, know of any good soup huts? Please share with the class.

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