S & D Addendum: Tequila Mixers


S & D Addendum: Tequila Mixers

  • S & D Addendum: Tequila Mixers

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    tequila_mixers.jpgStocking a variety of mixers is the only way to stretch your drinking repertoire. Along with cans of tonic and ginger ale, I always raid Uwajimaya and Viet Wah in an effort to stumble upon the next greatest mixed drink.

    My new favorite is tequila and Chaokoh young coconut juice with a splash of whatever citrus I have in the house (also killer with dark rum). I wish more bars would explore mixers as muc has they do syrups, bitters, and herbs. Tequila matches well with fruit flavors, sure; but the spirit--which I always think of as having a savory quality--really shines with something slightly savory and not so sugary, as long as you add something acidic. Green tea with apple from Aloha Maid lets the tequila shine through, just needs a squeeze of lemon; it's the only time I ever drink iced tea. I absolutely dig tequila with grass jelly. It's a jello-y love/hate drink with a fresh herbal quality that makes a great tequila shooter along with fish tacos or anything laced with cilantro.

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