Red Beer Done Wrong

Please don't let the fearfulness of this product discourage you from trying a red beer, especially this weekend (the big game, Sunday), it being one of the officially perfect days to drink an angry lager, aka red beer. But let's keep the Bud for the Bud Bowl at half time, shall we?

If you make it out to brunch this weekend, ask for bloody mary mix on the side of your lager, instead of tomato juice. You can go with Clamato, if you're nasty. At Lola downtown (5th Ave. & Virginia), you also have to ask for a tea strainer--so many leafy, spicy, chunky bits in the mix; but it's well worth the spicy tomato basil explosion made all the more refreshing when mixed with Old Seattle Lager. Rule of red beer: The better a place's bloody, the better the red beer.

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