OMFBC: Evil Dead Thing, Two Week Run @ Rebar

Yeah, you could go see some sure-to-be Oscar nominated flick this weekend. OR! For the same scratch, you could witness a couple kids with a dream. That dream: Bring to life the greatest horror-comedy trilogy in cinema history (Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness). Yes, Raimi was the big time before he slummed it on Spiderman.

For the next two weekends, Absurd Reality Theater will stitch together the story of a big-chinned goofball, his friends, a cabin in the woods, and a relentless evil spirit. As with any live horror theater, those in the front rows are advised to dress fake blood-proof. I recommend this sight unseen because it won't matter to fans of the movies, and (subject matter + full bar = good times).

Evil Dead Thing: The Musical at Rebar
January 15th-17th & January 22nd-24th
1114 Howell St., 233-9873
8:00pm start, doors at 7:00pm
$10, Buy tickets here or at the door.

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