More Options For Inauguration Day, Downtown

Surround yourself with Obama in hi-def at SPORT (140 4th Ave. N.), which supplies one HDTV per approximately four patrons and boast a giant ten foot screen as well. The morning specials include breakfast pizzas, which sound dubious, but if it's pizza with fried eggs on top I am very supportive. Doors open at 8:30pm; so make sure to double park yourself with cocktails before the festivities begin.

Seattle Weekly will host the party taking place at Spitfire (2219 Fourth Ave) Doors open at 8:00am, admission is free, and brunch available (21+). More information HERE.

Go forth, celebrate and regroup after 4:00pm at TINI Bigs(100 Denny Way) and Hula Hula(106 1st Ave. N.). Both venues will provide shoes for a special "Throw the Shoe at Bush" photo-op, though you just may have reached the point in the party when, like, you just don't care. (Obama-tinis are $5 all night long.)

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