Mark Bittman Likes Oddfellows, Hates Portland


Mark Bittman was in town a few weeks ago for a lecture to promote Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating, in which he lays out a diet for a warmer, fatter planet. If you're curious about what Mr. Bittman eats at every moment of the day, you can check out this post from his "Bitten Blog," in which he logs his meals on the road. Apparently, even A-list food writers score F-list meals.

Mr. Bittman's stop in Seattle netted a rave for Lampreia, big ups for the vegetable sides at Oddfellows Hall, some negative thoughts on Ivar's, and a huge slam on Portland. He doesn't name names there, but I'm guessing his second meal was at Le Pigeon (though perhaps quite a few of the restaurants there serve foie-gras ice cream).

Thanks to Traca, Bittman's dining companion at one of the meals, for the link.

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