Iron Bartender Competition At Tigertail

This Sunday, the 18th, head over to Tigertail in Ballard (704 N.W. 65th St.) for the first of what the bar's Carl Carlson hopes to be many Iron Bartender competitions. The first bout pits Mike McSorley (formerly of Marjorie) against Dallas Taylor of Tost.

I know the secret ingredient...pretty tough it'll be cool to watch the boys think on their feet and come up with something new. The other portion of the competition will test the bartenders' speed and accuracy in the well, timing them on a list of drinks all while servers shout demands and requests. Heckling is highly encouraged, or should be. Isn't banter a skill, afterall?

Local comedian Owen Straw and Max from The Sunset will MC. More competitions will follow at Tigertail and possibly other bars around the city.

Contest starts at 7:00pm.

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