Farewell, Vito's?


It's a sad day for First Hill, as it appears that Vito's, that bizarre combination of night club--with mirrored walls that give it a strip club feel--and decent Italian restaurant, may be getting evicted. (Sadly, Vito's was also in the news recently for a gang-related shooting.) Since at least last night, it's had a handmade "closed" sign on its door, along with a "notice of unlawful detainer"--basically an eviction notice. The law firm listed on the notice, Jameson Babbit Stites & Lombard, declined to comment.

Vito's was the site of a great night in which a friend's friend got so drunk that the mirror confused him into thinking someone was mimicking all his dance moves, to the point where he walked up to the mirror and did the E.T. finger-touch with his reflection. "I couldn't tell if he was making fun of me or just really feeling my moves," he said. Thanks for the memories, Vito's.


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