Delicious Japanese Candy, Sad Japanese Movie

drops_sakuma.jpgWhile in line at Daiso this afternoon (the Japanese dollar store in Westlake Center), my heart both jumped and sank as I spied rows of the little tin at right. Sakuma's Fruit Drops are a popular Japanese hard candy I first spied in the opening scenes of a Japanese film named Grave Of The Fireflies that totally wrecked me. Maybe it's the scant hours of daylight or the bleek weather, but I at once desperately didn't want to remember this movie and yet felt the need to run straight to Blockbuster and look for it.

The most heart-breaking animated film ever made, Grave Of The Fireflies follows two brothers as they try to make it through life after the death of their parents. It's like the Poor Little Match Girl of post-Hiroshima Japan. However, like many Studio Ghibli films, GOTF has beauty and sweet, soulful moments to spare. Just don't choke on your fruit drops as you sob through the last 30 minutes.

((Bonus: Also, new chocolate flavor included in each tin! Warning: Also contains random peppermint flavor which will harsh your fruity mellow.))

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