Daily Bar Icebreakers: Killer Kebobs And Poodles

met_grape.jpgGreatest headlines/conversation starters of the day:

Former French President Chirac Hospitalized After Mauling By "Clinically Depressed" Poodle - One wonders how one goes about diagnosing a poodle for emotional problems. Awesome. Sublime, really. I bet you're thinking it must be one of those giant poodles? Click the link.

Choke Victim Blames Big Bite - In other news, "bear shits in woods." The only news nugget of this story--Tom "Top Chef" Colicchio was the one that gave her the Heimlich to dislodge the chicken kebob in question.

(pictured: The Met's Grape Nehi, sub Sauza Conmemorativo as mentioned in this week's Search & Distill)

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