Closure Report: Some for Good, Some for Renovation

A few new closures to note:

Just to catch up on some late news, last week the dailies both reported that Seattle's Consolidated Restaurants chain just closedis closing Union Street Square Grill, which will be reopening as a Mexican-American restaurant called the Lost Lady American Cantina.

The Rainier Valley Post reports that Salima, a halal Vietnamese-Malaysian restaurant on MLK, has closed. It opened during the worst of the Sound Transit construction and just never took off. Owner Asari Mohamoth told the Post that he was hoping to move to Columbia City in the summer. Meanwhile, the space has reopened as Karama East African Cuisine. Ooo, does that mean Ethiopian/Eritrean or more like Kenyan?

Mouthfuls Food reports that Lola's South City Bakery on Rainier has shut down -- our Brian Barr loved the vegan pizzeria, but the hours were bizarre -- to be replaced by a halal pizzeria. The concept makes sense given the strength of the Somali community around Hillman City. (Here's a great article in the SF Chronicle from five years back about American restaurants observing Muslim dietary laws.) Anyone have a name for this new place?

And last but not least, our trusty intern Kassi just discovered that Tea Garden, the dim sum restaurant on the south end of the International District, is closed for renovations. When she called, the phone was answered by the construction workers, who said the place will reopen soon.

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