Bistro Turkuaz: Eating Turkey, Not The Bird

turkuaz.jpgHummus, baba ganouj, kabobs: These once exotic dishes now show up in myriad supermarkets and quickie marts. But prevalent doesn't mean good. So often the shadow of a shadow of a thing becomes all we ever know about a thing, happens with food all the time. It's the reason 95% of bad Mexican restaurants endure.

Sometimes traveling to the source can rock your world, whether by plane or by kitchen. Sick of turkey after the holidays? Travel to the other Turkey via the kitchen of Ugur Oskay and experience the finest Turkish home cooking in Seattle. Check out Kauffman's blushing review from June 2008 if you need a little more encouragement.

Bistro Turkuaz

1114 34th Ave, Madrona
(206) 324-3039

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