White Russian Invented in Seattle?


The Dude (real name Jeff Dowd), inspiration for The Big Lebowski, once lived in Seattle? I did not know that. And yet, as The New York Times reports in a story on the resurgence of the White Russian cocktail:

"This was the period when Jeff Dowd was living in Seattle, driving a taxi and doing a lot of 'heavy hanging,' as he put it. Mr. Dowd, 59, an independent film producer and producers representative, is the inspiration for the Dude -- a character Joel and Ethan Coen created by taking what Mr. Dowd was like back then and exaggerating a bit, although the White Russians preference is spot on."

So now I'm wondering, what were Dowd's favorite bars back when he lived here? And who turned him onto the White Russian? There needs to be a brass plaque.

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