The Ballard Pizza Places Won't Stop Coming

So, in my roundup of three new Ballard pizza joints, I didn't have the space to mention that the neighborhood is about to get two -- that's right, two -- more. MyBallard blog called me on it. So here are the details:

Joint #1: 'Zaw, the Seattle-based startup chain specializing in local, organic take-and-bake pizzas, opened stores on Capitol HIll and in South Lake Union a few weeks back, and has a third location planned for Leary and Market.

Joint #2: Brandon Pettit, a cook at Boat Street Kitchen, has signed the lease on a new restaurant on 70th St. at 14th Ave. that will specialize in pizza. His wife, Molly Wizenberg, the Seattle food writer known as Orangette, announced the deal. The PI's Rebekah Denn has more info. I've also heard from one of the budding pizzaiolo's friends about a trip to Phoenix they took just to visit the pizza geek's mecca, Pizzeria Bianco.

If you noticed the title of this week's review was "A Rash of Pizza, Part I," you may be suspecting that there will be a Part II, a rumor which I will neither confirm nor deny. Given all the pizza love that's flowing in this city -- I'm still trying to track down the Neapolitan-style pizzeria my brother-in-law says is about to open on Rainier in Renton -- there may have to be several sequels.

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