Snow Day Edition: Two Brief Notices About Restaurant Openings

Who wants to stay indoors when the ground is covered in a foot-deep cushion of fat, soft flakes? So here are two quick notices of restaurant openings, and then I'm going hiking working from home:

1. 'Zaw, the new, ethical take-and-bake pizza chain I wrote about in this week's review, has joined the Ballard pizza melee, opening its third location on 5858 Leary Ave. Way.

2. Monsoon East, Eric and Sophie Banh's second full-service restaurant, opened this week at
10245 Main St. in Bellevue. According to the press release, the menu includes caramelized pork belly and shrimp claypot, Vietnamese

bouillabaisse, and petrale sole with fresh dill, turmeric,

and vermicelli noodles. I'm sure the Banhs are schvitzing about the economy, but of all the new, big-ticket restaurants opening up in downtown Bellevue right now, they have the least to worry about -- smart food, smart location, with a public hungry for independent, creative bistros.

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