Tastes Like Victory


Photo by Leslie Cohan

You're looking at the best part of my election night (well, the second best part anyway): Obama cupcakes courtesy of Trophy. The chocolate cakes were topped with thick buttercream and sprinkles. The two I ate nearly sent me over the edge. I can't even talk about it.

I spoke with owner Jennifer Shea this morning to ask her how many of those c-cakes she and her staff whipped out last night. She tells me, "Yesterday was our busiest day ever! We sold about 1,500 Obama cakes in addition to our regular cupcakes; it was really crazy. We took advance orders for 1,005 Obamas and then were able to crank out another 500 for walk-in customers. We had to limit the amount walk-ins bought to six because we just couldn't frost fast enough. The phone was ringing off the hook and the lines were pretty nuts. When we ran out, people would just stay in line and wait until the next batch came out."

My friend Leslie is responsible for ordering three dozen of the cupcakes. Thank you, Leslie!

Jennifer also says they'll continue to selll the Obama cucpakes through the end of the week and possibly beyond if there's still a demand. She'll then start taking orders for Inauguration Day.

As for McCain cakes, she says, "I think about three people called or asked about McCain cupcakes which we would have made if they would have put in a special order, but they did not, so we didn't make any."

Editor's note: Full disclosure -- Maggie Dutton works at Trophy.

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