New Diet Scandal Rocks the President-Elect


I was just reading US Weekly at the gym, and found a shocking expose on the president-elect-ial diet: Obama hates beets. Other, less-trusted sources confirm it's true: "I always avoid eating them," he has reportedly scowled.

What! Do you not know what you have wrought? Do you not remember how George Bush Sr.'s open admission of hating broccoli unleased protests and made him the whipping-boy of nutritionists everywhere, eventually bringing down his presidency?

Obama has to act fast before the National Beet Council launches a campaign to hobble his presidency. I say he should continue with the Lincoln strategy. Quick, sir: Nominate a beet to be your Secretary of the Interior.

UPDATE: It appears that there is no National Beet Council. Someone did some research before picking his dietary Achilles' heel...

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