Food News: The All Pie Edition


Despite the fact that just this morning I received an email saying, "Cupcakes are the new pie," this week's food-news roundup is devoted to America's favorite dessert.

The Old Foodie is an amazing food history blog from Australia that uncovers old recipes. The author, who's about to release a book on the history of pie, has launched a week-long series on Thanksgiving pies:
Post #1: The tart of pompeons.
Post #2: Pecan pies, pre-corn syrup.
Post #3: Cranberry pies.
Check back later in the week for episodes 4 and 5.

Costco Has Pumpkin Pies Down to a Science by Karen Gaudette (Seattle Times): One baker estimates he mixed a ton of pumpkin pie filling last year. I was expecting the bakery to truck in great vats of orange puree, but Costco seems to be a little more old-fashioned.

Recipe: pumpkin-custard pie with green cardamom ice cream by Douglas Keane and Stacy Finz (SF Chronicle): Just in case you're feeling creative, this recipe's from a four-star chef from San Francisco.

Sous-Vide Stuffing and Blowtorched Pumpkin Pie (Serious Eats): And if you're really feeling like cooking outside the box, here's a video of Grant Achatz, chef of the molecular-gastronomy temple Alinea, demonstrating how to make a dish guaranteed to confuse and alarm your guests.

The Test Kitchen: How to Make Pie Dough with Maggie Ruggiero ( This video's for you, Loree and Bob. Sorry I couldn't be there for ThanksGothing!

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