Finally, Another Place to Drink and Watch Elliott Bay


Image of dining room -- not the ART Lounge -- borrowed from

I've always found it curious that there are so few places to eat, drink, and stare at Elliott Bay downtown. Sure, there are the old standbys (The Athenian, Red Robin, the "porch" outside The Virginia Inn), but not nearly enough local watering holes utilize the free view.

While the new Four Seasons isn't much to look at from the street, at least they put their bar by the window. And what a window it is (so glad I brought my camera!).The blah-decorated ART Lounge has a panoramic view of the bay, the ferries, and the mountains (I'm assuming, on a clear day). And while I didn't stay for a sip this afternoon -- I was wearing a hunting jacket, and didn't like the stink-eye the dude with the Maserati gave me -- from my quick look at the menu, the trio of mini-burgers at $12 caught my eye. Now, for that prince (six half-pound happy-hour burgers at McCormick's down the street), I sure hope they mean mini in irony.

At least those of you who quickly drop two digits on a gimlet have a new place to graze. Anyone else have a good place downtownish with drinks and I view I need to know about?

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