Cajun Restaurant to Open in the ID


Photo by Adriana Grant

A crawfish boil can be three things: a method of cooking crawfish, the spice mix you add to the water to flavor the crustaceans, and an event where many, many of these miniature lobster-looking creatures are cooked up. Very often a crawfish boil takes place outdoors (all of those shells are messy) and very often, such an event will be sited in New Orleans, home of Cajun cuisine.

Crawfish King is the name of the latest restaurant to bring New Orleans-inspires cuisine to Seattle. (See Jonathan's recent article on Seattle's current New Orleans-inspired restaurants.)

Located in the ID, Crawfish King will open in the spot previously

occupied by Made in Kitchen. This new place advertises not just crawfish, but Cajun seafood boils.

Crawfish King has a no-nonsense menu posted in its brown paper covered windows.
A few highlights:

Fried catfish with Cajun fries $8.99

Crawfish (seasonal) $ Market Price
Corn and sausage added for 2 lbs or more ONLY

Beer: Bud, Bud Light, Michelob $2
Imported beer: Heineken, Corona, Tsing Tao $2.50

last selection is the only nod that this menu makes to the restaurant's

location, smack dab in the ID.

No phone/Web site listed yet.

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