1.5 Restaurants Open on Capitol Hill


Passed on the walk to work: Pizza Fusion finally opened last week in the Trace Lofts on 12th and Madison. Former Voracious blogger Jess Thomson wrote about the national franchise on Voracious when it announced its first Seattle location. Talking points: eco-conscious building, organic ingredients, delivery via Prius, whole-wheat and gluten-free crust options, direct competitor to the similarly ethic'ed and equally new Zaw, just four blocks away at 15th and Pine. If you've compared slices, let me know.


A couple weeks ago, I noticed that Chutneys Grille on the Hill, located on the corner of E. 15th Ave. and Mercer, painted over the awning on the south side of its building -- once again. The first time the perennially languishing Indian restaurant rebranded its south side, it created a separate but connected Indian-fusion restaurant called Grilleside. A year back, I dared our John Metcalfe to visit the place, and he liked some of what he had, but the concept was so odd and the menu so huge (and pricey) for a tiny restaurant that I couldn't bring myself to go, even when my own friends were daring me.

Not surprisingly, I wasn't the only customer who shied away, and so now Chutneys has transformed the space again into the Chaat Lounge. Chaat are Indian snacks, and the nearest place to eat them is Preet's in Redmond. Chaat Lounge's menu, which I looked over through the window, seems to be made up of tropical cocktails, Indian-fusion entrees carried over from Grilleside, and proper chaat like samosas and papri chaat. Curiosity may finally get the best of me. We'll see if the rest of the neighborhood feels the same.

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