What Are Your Brunch Plans Next Weekend?


You might consider heading to Madrona to check out the new brunch at Cremant.

Owner Tanya Emerick tells me: "Our focus is different kinds of eggs -- chicken, duck, goose, quail -- and we will feature a different farm's eggs each month. The first month we will feature Morgan's Roost from Vashon Island. This farm belongs to Nicole Wilson's (Crush) family. We will be using their Hen's eggs which are free to roam outdoors and are kept in a small flock and fed natural feed."

The menu also includes things like Foie Gras Tartine with Fried Egg ($12), Bacon and Egg Pasta ($12), and Brioche French Toast with Hazelnut Praline and Crème Anglaise ($10). And what Cremant menu would be complete without a little morning booze? Several cocktails will be available for $8, including one of my fave Cremant offerings, the French 75.

Starting October 11th, brunch will be served Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..

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