Now I Know Why I Was Getting Those Dirty Looks at Zaina


(Photo from UW Daily)

I ducked into the basement restaurant Zaina in Belltown one night last week, hoping that a little hummos sandwich would give me the Zohan power to complete my walk home. But nobody was manning the counter, and it looked as though no sandwiches had been made in a very long time. Everyone there (a largely Middle Eastern-looking crowd) was enjoying their hookah smokes. And not only did they not appear to be in the mood to serve sandwiches, they looked at me like maybe I was some kind of federal agent. I'm not used to bright friendly smiles when I enter a room, but this was an impressive level of suspicion and hostility, even for me.

This weekend it all become clear. They must have thought I was from the Health Department!

A story in the UW Daily just a week ago talked about the hookah scene and was kind (or naive) enough to say that it was all taking place in the outdoor courtyard. Sadly that was not the case.

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