Why Doesn't the Puget Sound Have a Local Food Month?


I was just doing my daily blog scan -- god, Google Reader makes my life so much easier -- and came across this post on our fellow paper's blog:

Plan Your Culinary Rocktober

I didn't know that San Francisco has an entire Eat Local Month, with a logo and a website. Apparently, all throughout October there will be events all over the Bay Area. They range from restaurant menu specials and lectures to seed exchanges and choral concerts about food.

If there's one city in America that matches San Francisco's passion for local foods, it's Seattle. Sustainable Ballard, I think it's time to get cracking. You too, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Chefs Collaborative, 21 Acres, Slow Food Seattle, and the Neighborhood Farmers Market Association. You put it together, I'll publicize the hell out of it.

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