Local 2008 Great American Beer Festival Winners

I'm bummed I missed the Great American Beer Festival this year, but even I have a hard time justifying the yearly malty binge. While I'm against most large consumer tasting events, GABF has it down. Everyone is so friendly (gee, ya think?). Whether your a brew nerd or someone who uses party as a verb, I highly recommend attending GABF at least once.

Medals for this event rank somewhere between an Oscar and a Screen Actor's Guild Award. Many of the brewers in competition act as judges for other categories, and take the process as serious as a heart attack.

Announced today in Denver, Colorado... from a pool of 432 breweries and 2,902 beers:

Craft Beer Distributor of the Year went to Click Distributing of Seattle, WA, whose foamy stable lies virtually unmatched on either coast, and that's just their Belgian Collection.

GOLD Pro-Am Beer (Home brew recipe paired with a craft brewery): Barking Dog Scottish Ale, Big Time Brewing Co., Seattle, WA (Bill Jenkins and AHA member Jeff Niggemeyer)

GOLD American-Style Wheat Beer: Pyramid Crystal Wheat Ale, Pyramid Breweries, Seattle, WA

GOLD Fruit or Vegetable Beer: Pyramid Apricot Ale, Pyramid Breweries, Seattle, WA

SILVER: Other Strong Beer: Imperial Oatmeal Stout, Boundary Bay Brewery, Bellingham,WA

GOLD Brown Porter: BlackWatch Cream Porter, Pyramid Breweries, Seattle, WA

BRONZE Robust Porter: Pacemaker Porter, Flyers restaurant and Brewery, Oak Harbor, WA

Congratulations to all!

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