Giant HiDef Projector Screen Found Lurking in West Seattle


Literally, larger than life.

As we learned last week, your local neighborhood dive can be a great place to catch our unbelievably terrible Seahawks--all you need is pitchers, odd company, and a television. But it's hard to beat watching them throw down (or more aptly, get thrown down) on something the size of a small movie theater screen.

Within minutes of walking into the RockSport on Alaska in West Seattle, I noticed two girls in miniskirts and Crown Royal jerseys hitting up the blue and green wearing patrons for photos. Interestingly, with the exception of a quick shot during the commercial break, there wasn't much interest in whatever promotional thing Crown was doing--at one point someone got on a gravelly speaker and announced that anyone who bought a shot in the next few minutes had a chance to win a Huskey jersey--'cause their season is going so much better than the Seahawks maybe? Later the voice came back telling everyone to look under their glasses for a dot. The woman at the table next to us was the big winner, but there wasn't any jumping up and shouting. During the next break, her companion went over and alerted the promo guy, who came back with the jersey. These are serious fans who are not going to interrupt watching their favorite team go down in flames for some silly whiskey promotion. And speaking of, here's your stats:

The game: Tampa Bay 20, Seattle 10 (Hey, at least we got a touchdown. We were stuck at 3 points for most of the game.) On several of the smaller screens we also caught Tampa Bay's other team taking down the BoSox for a trip to World Series.

MVP: Normally I'd go into the television situation first, but I'm going to combine the categories here. The most valuable player at RockSport is the frickin' huge screen at the front. For the gridiron to get any bigger, you'd have to move the party to Cinerama.

Other viewing options: The rafters are strung with televisions of varying sizes so you can catch most anything, as long as it's sports.

The food: Pretty standard sports bar fare. It's a little pricey--a half-order of nachos with beef will run you $8.98, but it's also a pretty giant half-order.

The booze: I arrived a little late and just went with the Manny's pitchers already being consumed at the table. The pitchers ran $14 each, which is a little steep, but they were bigger so still cheaper than buying individual pints. And when you're meeting people in West Seattle, you usually have a couple of drivers, so having a price high enough to stem the flow of alcohol isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not sure if the Crown thing is a regular promotion.

What would Bob Costas say? He'd be thrilled to find such a huge, devoted crowd in the little spit of Seattle across Elliot Bay. I'm not sure what he'd think of the Crown Royal girls.

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