Election Night Party at the Volunteer Park Café


If you'd rather surround yourself with company than sit home in front of that large screen computer (or TV or trusty radio) on election night, there are plenty of places to go.

A cozy, neighborhoody venue might be ideal for celebrating. We will be, of course. (I'm not willing to consider the opposite out loud. Or type it.)

Incongruous as it may sound, the Volunteer Park Café, home of chef Erika Burke, at the north end of Capitol Hill, is showing election coverage on an enormous projector screen TV -- and making an easygoing dinner party of it.

The menu is family style: lasagna (meat and veggie options of course, this is Capitol Hill, folks), with garlic bread, and salad. And what promises to be a gorgeously sweet dessert, prepared by VPC partner Heather Earnhardt.

And it's cheap. $25 for adults, $10 for kids, drinks not included.

Volunteer Park Cafe

1501 17th Avenue East, CAPITOL HILL

5:30 p.m. until whenever

RSVP required (while you still can): (206) 328-3155.

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Image: www.alwaysfreshgoodness.com/events.html

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