Discovering the Weekly's Staff Drink


I just sent out a housekeeping note to all the authors of our weekly First Call posts (submit your receipts, yadda yadda), and ended it with a little personal sharing to remind them that I'm one of them, a six-pack Joe of the food-critic set:

Item 3. My favorite drink right now is a Maker's Manhattan. FYI.

Turns out I'm not the only one. Fellow double-M-lover Mike Seely praises the Metropolitan and the Wedgwood Broiler for theirs, while Aimee Curl cites the College Club, though she later revealed she actually prefers Quinn's Old Fashioned. Just to throw another recommendation into the works, my friends Shawn and Chris keep raving about the MMs at the Kingfish. Vessel has done right by me, as has Tango. And a couple weeks ago, after coughing down the shittiest Maker's Manhattan I've drunk in years at Liberty -- seriously, guys, check your game, because this is the third over-strong, off-balance cocktail in a row that I've paid you for -- I wandered down to Moe Bar for marlin sandwiches and a proper MM (smooth, clean but malty, aromatic), restoring my sense that all was right with my drink.

Any other recommendations?

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