Beef, Beer and the Pigskin at Alki Tavern


The right side of the bar at Alki Tavern features a painting of a motorcycle, except instead of a roaring engine, tubes and pipes, the body of the bike is a g-string-clad woman. Other late-eighties pinups--neon halters, chunky bangles, strategically placed snakes and all--adorn the walls. And a giant American flag drapes over the tables. It's hard to imagine a better spot for gridiron gazing--no one is here to watch football as an act of artistic irony or a chance to hit on their frat brother's sister, in town from Michigan. True, the one television is a little small and definitely not Hi Def, but if you want to hang with the popped collars at the Fox Sports Grill, be my guest.

The Game: Green Bay - 27, Seahawks - less than 27 of course.

The other game: Arizona 30, Dallas 24. But don't let the final score fool you, this was a nail-biter. The Cowboys came back with a touchdown in the final two minutes of the game, forced a turnover, and battled back across the midfield where Nick Folk booted a 52-yarder to send it into overtime. We should have just started with this match-up and skipped the Seattle game completely.

MVP: Laurie. She's a one-woman show for the afternoon West Seattle football fans. The only thing on the "menu" is cheeseburgers--loaded with ketchup, mayonnaise and an assortment of vegetable fixin's. Laurie is cook, bartender, and peace-keeper all rolled into one but wasn't content with the limited eats selection so fit in a quick trip to the kitchen to cook up a meatloaf, just to see how it went over. Very well, it turned out. "We'll do it again next week," she tells me.

TV's: There's actually three, but only the one over the bar was tuned in to the game. That's okay though, because with a small handful of patrons, you end up watching the game together: cheering as one--consoling each other as you lose hope--and finally giving up simultaneously. At least there's burgers and meatloaf.


Beers: Because that's what you came here for right? Bud family pints are $2 each, but at $12 a pitcher, something fancier isn't going to break the bank.

The Fans: Everyone is welcome here. There was a little Seahawks-gear, someone in chaps, and at one point a woman walked in wearing rainbow leg warmers and black platform boots. The only thing out of place at the tavern is someone who easily feels out of place

Post Game Analysis: Continuing our year of terrible pro and collegiate sports teams (Storm excepted, you should seriously consider season tickets next year) the Seahawks are gunning for dead last in the NFL. As long as the city is blanketed by a cloud of fog and depression, you might as well watch the carnage at a place where you can enjoy yourself, get an oozing burger, and maybe a plate of meatloaf. And when it's all over (which, of course, it was from the beginning) you step outside to a postcard-perfect view across the water, reminding you that even if our sports suck, this is an amazing city to call home.


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