Bars Showing Playoffs: Help Us Displaced Fans

OK, normally I like the fact that not every Seattle bar is decked out in flat screen bling. In Chicago, it can seem that broadcasting sports is a requirement for a liquor license.

But it's playoffs people, and I want to be surrounded by my relocated Cubbie brethren because there's no way a (scoff) Mariners fan can ever understand what I'm going through right now. No, seriously, you can't. 100 years, OK? My grandmother lived her entire life never seeing a Cubs championship--88 years.

So anyone know a really good bar that's showing the Cubbies or showing the MLB Playoffs with a particularly north side of Chicago bent? I don't give a rats ass about the other games, but I guess you could leave those in the comments, to be fair and balanced. I'll buy you a pitcher for the tip, and extra points if the joint serves nachos.

Much obliged.

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