Monday Morning Footbal at The Hawk's Nest


Monday Morning Football is a new series covering the most important part of any Seahawks game: food, booze, and the 12th Man.

Location: The Hawk's Nest, 1028 First Avenue South, 381-8630

Game score: Seahawks 10, Bills 34

Number of TVs: Enough

Pint of Manny's: $4.50

Food/drink specials: None (that we saw/told about)

School spirit level: Cranked beyond 11

What rooting for the other team gets you: Nobody braved the bad guys' jersey, but it was a positive group of 12th men and women. Worst you'd get is constantly heckled, in a jovial kind of way.

MVP: The guys sitting at the bar that passed us salt/pepper through the window. You can see the TVs from seating on First Avenue, which is where we sat. And when our slop needed a few shakes, the guys at the bar were happy to pass us what we needed through the window.

Overheard: "OK, let's see if we learned how to tackle during our television break."


There are few things I wouldn't do, few events or concerts I would not attend, as long I was accompanied by someone beside themselves with exciment for the activity. The last Dave Matthews concert I went to was with the biggest DMB fan. And even if you're but a casual observer of the Seahawks, you can't help but enjoy yourself, if not get a tad invested in the game, when surrounded by a throng of neighbors who want nothing more on a fall Sunday morning that a pint of beer and a hawks game. This is your crowd at Hawk's Nest. Positive vibe, crowded room, and pretty damn good biscuits and gravy.

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