What Does $13 Get You at a Complimentary Buffet? (Hint: Lots!)


What: A complimentary buffet from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. M-F.

Where: The upstairs bar at Il Fornaio at Pacific Place.

What Does $13 Get You? As much food as you want.

Recommended? Uh, yeah! Where else in Seattle can you get free grub during happy hour? Or any other time for that matter?

Official Tasting Notes: While the food wasn't stellar, it was damn good. Yeah, the free price tag probably added to my sensory enjoyment, but can you blame me?

Here's the deal with the Il Fornaio happy hour. You come, sit down, grab a plate and eat. That's right, you don't even have to order a drink! Did you hear me? There is not even a two-drink minmum. Oh, but if you want a glass of wine or beer during happy hour, it's only a couple bucks.

I went last Thursday with a girlfriend of mine. We each had a glass of the house white (which was delicious) then pigged out.

The buffet looks small, but it packs a punch. For instance, there was pizza with artichoke hearts, Canadian bacon and cheese; chicken wings and risotto balls with marinara:


There were also (roughly) a bazillion different types of bruschetta. The buffet started with grilled bread topped with shaved parm, truffle oil, prosciutto and arugual, but when that ran out, the chef hurriedly replaced it with a bruschetta of mushrooms, tomatoes, and a mixed spread of goat and cream cheeses. As I was leaving, the chef was setting out some type of tuna/arugula-topped goodness.

I'd definitely hit this happy hour again. This probably goes without saying, but you want to show up early if you want first dibs at the buffet. Word spreads fast.

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