Queen Anne's Teacup Moving . . . Across the Street

After 18 years in its current location, the Teacup, one of the city's oldest looseleaf tea vendors, is moving across the street and down the block.

Last Sunday, the Tully's on the corner of Queen Anne Ave. and Boston (official address: 2178 Queen Anne Ave. N.) closed its doors, and according to Elisabeth Knottingham, Teacup owner, the tea shop will take possession on Monday. Over the course of the next two months, she plans on doing some minor redecorating, keeping the original location open until they're ready to move sometime in October.

"The new store is about twice as large -- and trust me, we’ve really needed the space since we’re packed every day now," says Knottingham. "The space has two little rooms, so the back will be our classroom space, and we’re planning on adding classes." Knottingham plans to teach a course on the history of tea, and they're finally going to have room to fit in everyone who comes in on Saturdays at one o'clock for store manager Brett Boynton's free Chinese tea tastings. (Having tasted tea with Boynton, I'd say that if you've got an interest in tea, go.)

Not only does the new space give the store three times as many seats, but the added storage will allow it to expand -- slowly, carefully, Knottingham adds -- its tea selection to 200 permanent teas and 70 seasonal ones. She'll keep regulars posted on the status of the move via the website.

Teacup 2207 Queen Anne Ave. N., 283-5931, seattleteacup.com. QUEEN ANNE.

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