Even More Chocolate at the Chocolate Box


Image: www.sschocolatebox.com

Apparently the chocolate tourists (native and non-native alike) have been requesting more chocolate from the year old Chocolate Box. And the shop -- with a focus on local chocolate makers Oh! Chocolate, Theo Chocolate, Fiori Chocolatiers, and Chocolat Vitale -- is more than happy to comply.

A recent press release announced an expanded menu of both cold and hot drinks, such as gelato milkshakes, European sipping chocolates and hot Guittard white chocolate. The Chocolate Box has also added more baked goods to its chocolate offerings (cookies, brownies and the like), as well as a gelato special named Oh-My-Gawdo: two scoops of gelato topped with a generous portion of sipping chocolate and/or a shot of espresso.

Check out their site for chocolate-maker tour dates and featured chocolatiers, below.

Chocolate Box

108 Pine Street


(206) 443-3900

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