In Which I Am Forced to Retract Previous Statements About Cincinnati Chili

About three months ago, a family reunion took me to the Kentucky outskirts of Cincinnati, where I was underwhelmed by the city's most famous regional specialty: Cincinnati chili.

I came back and wrote a little post about my trip to Dixie Chili. Now, you and I both forgot about this post almost as soon as you read it, but Bottomfeeder photographer Lil' Scoop and her entire family did not. Emails made the rounds of the United States, comments were left on the blog post, and every time I've seen her, she's told me that I didn't have the real Cincinnati chili. Real Cincinnati chili is made at home.

So this Friday, Lil' Scoop cooked up a big batch of Cincy chili (the recipe came from a postcard that Mama Scoop sent her), and a bunch of us tasted the real thing. Well, I do have to say, the amateur batch (served five ways, with beans, cheese, and onions) was much better than the professional one -- more spices, more real beef flavor, more love. Chili over spaghetti? Still a bit odd. But a grilled hot dog (a "coney") smothered in chili, cheese, and onions, served with a cold can of Rainier on a West Seattle deck surrounded by trees? That's good eating.

By the way, people, I'm not making a habit of this opinion retraction thing. And in case you're curious about the extra-credit question posed in my previous post, the "Before the Fall" salad came from this place.

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