Friday Will Be A Sad Day For the Downtown Deli


Friendly, unpretentious delis, with fast breakfasts and good sandwiches, are a rare species in Seattle, especially downtown, and about to get rarer. Friday will be the last day for Mel's at Third and Madison, where the staff is a great bunch (many of whom have worked there for years) and you can actually get a decent bagel (from Bagel Oasis). Sadly, the owner of Mel's sold out a few months ago to Organic to Go and the rebranding and remodeling will occur over the next couple weeks. Out with the $5.25 chicken sandwich. In with the $8.29 grilled chicken and mozzarella sandwich.

I've made my feelings about Organic to Go known to this assembly in previous postings. And whatever their customers think, their staffers sure don't tend to look too happy. But I'll give them a chance. I tend to be desperate in the mornings.

UPDATE: The wake has been put off for one more week.

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