Wal-Mart Goes Locavore, the Today Show Gets It Wrong, and Other Food News

Wal-Mart to Source More Fruits and Veggies Locally by Nicole Maestri (Reuters/MSN, thanks to Andrew Leonard): Corporate America says, hey, liberals, I know we like to pooh-pooh your fancies as paranoid ravings of the overeducated, but you may have something there with that food miles thing.

Why Indian Farmers Lust After Genetically Modified Seeds by Andrew Leonard (Salon): I've mentioned before that this is my favorite blog. Not only did I find a link to the above story on it, but this post caught my eye, too. What if GMOs can help out near-subsistence farmers rather than bankrupting them, a belief we lefties have embraced unreservedly?

Markets, Restaurants Report Gardenburger Shortage by Karen Gaudette (Seattle Times): Run, O vegan, to your local market to stock up on vegetable burgers now, because if you wait until July 4, you're going to be marinating tofu again. I'm still curious what scandal -- I mean "quality control issue" -- caused Kellogg's to shut down production of Gardenburgers for a few months, sparking the shortage.

Hooters invades Britain. Those poor Hooters girls. In the 23 countries where they've donned their microshorts and tank tops they've never encountered the likes of British journalists. I feel pity for the scathing they're about to endure, which I'm also setting up a Google Alert to track.

Child's Play (DailyCandy): Shopping e-newsletter DailyCandy gives us a heads-up about Seattle Youth Garden Works, which teaches low-income kids to garden and has a stand at the U District farmers market.

Glass Museum to Commission Bacon Boy Sculpture by Kathy Aney (Seattle PI): Heartwarming. Disturbing. Heartwarming. Disturbing.

TodayShow.com proclaims that NYC's Gusto Organics is the nation's first certified all-organic restaurant (I can't tell from this website whether this news bit was aired on TV). Um, Maria Hines? I think you need to demand a correction. (Hell, the owners of now-closed Sterling Cafe, which did it first, should be sending author Marisa Belger a lil' email). Myopic New Yorkers.

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