Soak It Up: Wild Mountain Café


Apothecary: Wild Mountain Café,,1408 NW 85th St., 297-9453, CROWN HILL

Time of entry: Roughly 12:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon

Level of Hangover (1–10 scale, with 10 being a paralyzing head-thumper): Even though Tuesday is like my Friday, there was no drinking to be had that night so I’d have to say I was at a 1.5. Tired, but not truly hung over.

Level of Waitstaff hangover: With cheery yellow walls decorated with paintings for sale and a purposely mismatched assortment of furniture serving as the café’s tables, it has a cozy homey feel that helps assuage any hangover that you might have. Besides, our waitress seemed to be in a fairly good mood and if anything I’ll bet she was bored because there weren’t too many people in the café when we were there.

Prescriptions: There’s nothing better than eggs in the “morning” so I had to choose the Florentia scramble ($9.75). Along with the two pieces of buttermilk toast and the two garlic potato pancakes my eggs were scrambled with a healthy heap of fresh spinach, diced thick-cut bacon, mushrooms and a generous amount of melted Swiss cheese.

Piled high with food, there was no way that I could finish everything in front of me but that wasn’t without lack of trying. Everything from the toast to the mushrooms in my scramble tasted as fresh as if it’d come straight from the bakery or a backyard garden. The table also already housed a little jar of berry preserves that was the perfect application for my toast when I wasn’t using it as a vehicle to eat my scramble.

My boyfriend, Alex, had the more classic four strips of bacon, over-easy eggs, buttermilk toast and garlic potato pancake breakfast called the “Joe Schmoe” ($8.75). He was thoroughly satisfied with his choice and claimed that it was the “perfect amount of food,” as he devoured almost the entire plate minus the last half of one of the potato pancakes.


Hair of the dog: I went for a classic cup of black coffee, but they had some delicious looking options such as the Magnolia, which is champagne, fresh squeezed o.j. and Grand Marnier ($6.75) and the Bellini, which is peach nectar and champagne ($6.25).

Success of the soak: I’d say it was a 9. I’d give it a 10 but I think that it was a little pricey for breakfast (every entrée was at least $8 and many were $10-$12). However, the food was excellent and I left with a satisfied full stomach. I imagine that if I were hung over between the calming ambiance and the tasty food, I’d feel like a real person after I left.

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