First Call: High Dive - One Reason Fremont Doesn't Suck


A weekly Voracious feature in which we walk into a bar unannounced and ask the bartender to make us his or her favorite drink.

Pull up a stool: High Dive, 513 N. 36th, Fremont

Pouring pints: Darren Mohr

Wet your whistle: “I believe if you’re out drinking, you should have a beer and a shot.”

I want to interject here and point out that this is the third time a first call target has done this since the column debuted and the second in a week. Come to think of it, the original confusion that bartenders expressed after hearing the First Call rules was also conspicuously absent when we showed up. Barkeeps of Seattle, are we getting a gander at this little Weekly feature and taking notes? Sure, we’ve been a little head-over-heels for shameless barkeeps who shirk the traditional citrus and vodka safetini but I also want to see what you can do--seduce me Tom Cruise Cocktail-style.

That said the way to this girl’s heart is a slow-sipping Jameson, which is exactly what Mohr pulled from the shelf, so all was pretty quickly forgiven.

We now resume your regularly scheduled First Call:

Wet your whistle: A shot of Jameson and a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Another shot and a beer guy, why do you eschew the froofinis? “I’m the manager here, and I’m proud to say that I came up with the special. (points to board--the very First Call combo I’m now sipping.) I would’ve said a margarita ‘cause I make a great one, but on a day like today, ehh (shrugs).”

It is a little grey and chilly for the ‘ritas. So my drinking buddy slammed the shot, a bit of a Jameson disgrace if I say so myself, how do you consume your Irish whiskey? “It depends on my mood. If I’m having it neat like that it’s a good two sips.”

I’ve been seeing “Fremont Sucks Now” bumper stickers in the neighborhood, does it indeed suck? “I’ve bar tended in Fremont the past six years. I can see their point ‘cause it’s getting all condoed out. But I have fun. One nice thing as a live music venue is we keep a lot of the idiot crowd out.”

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