Brown Bagging, Hair of the Dog Are Back


The Trib ran a Wall Street Journal story about brown bagging, which I'm sure is the only story on the subject ever published that makes no mention Old English. It's about suits cutting back on their angel-hair pasta in favor of leftovers. I can only assume the follow-up story will be about the savings of a 99-cent tall boy over a $9 martini, and how much, if invested in their 401Ks, they would have when they're 65.


I know I'm the last one to finish watching this week's Meet the Press (video podcast, baby!), but I couldn't help but chuckle at the way Al Gore played the Hair of the Dog card here.

Talking about why he's not in favor of more leases for off-shore drilling:

"And going back over and over and over aging to the old ways of the past, just puts off the reckoning with the opportunity that we need to seize now to shift over to renewable sources of energy. People used to propose cures for hangovers by having what they call the Hair of the Dog that bit you. Just more in the morning. Well, we've got a big hangover right now. Because oil is so hight in price, so much of it comes from overseas. The climate crisis is really the heart of this. This is no joke, Tom."

No joke, I've never needed a pre-lunch drink a badly as I do right now.

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