Cook-Blocked by Seattle Street Fairs


Man, Seattle. You sure love to throw parties in the summertime. Saturday night, I was trying to impress a visiting Portlander with a meal at someplace stylish yet low-key (i.e., modestly priced). I know, I told him, I'll take you to Cafe Presse or Quinn's. We started driving to 12th and Madison, only to come across the messy fringes of the Capitol Hill Block Party. There would be no parking in lower Cap Hill that day.

I racked my brain for someplace else, and came up with Tavolata or Serious Pie. We drove down Stewart to Sixth, and got mired in more traffic. All of Fourth was blocked off, and we could hear dozens of horns. Damn -- Seafair Torchlight Parade. There was no parking in Belltown, and barely any driving, and it took us 30 minutes to extricate ourselves from the morass. Since we were headed to a party in Ballard, I decided we could swing by Ocho. By this time it was 8, and I figured the Ballard SeafoodFest was over.

It was not.

After two hours and some damage to my cred, we finally ended up in Phinney Ridge at Oliver's Twist. Thank god the Portlander was impressed by the fingerling potatoes fried in duck fat (how could you not be?).

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