Kirkland Top Chef?


Chef Vicky McCaffree of Yarrow Bay Grill has thrown her chef's hat into the ring for season five of Top Chef, albeit begrudgingly.

"I had a voicemail one day from this woman saying that my name had come up and would I like to apply," says McCaffree, who has been at YBG since 1991. "I never thought of applying to be on it, you know. It just seems like I would probably have a heart attack."

She told me she didn't want to apply, because she only had about four days to put together an audition tape. "[The production company] said we want to see you doing what you do; we don't just want you standing there cooking. So [my friends and I] did the mountain biking scene and foraging and I'm sure it came off way too cutesy-Northwest. I sent it in the Tuesday after Memorial Day. But I still haven't heard . . ."

She also had to fill out a 20 page application. 20 pages! "Probably the last five pages are disclaimers," she explains. "you have to sign all these waivers that you won't say anything about what goes on in the show. But they also want to know what your favorite movies are, who your favorite chefs are, and any hidden talents."

Such as? "I'm really good at mimicking people. Like, physically and how they sound. I don't know if that's something to be proud of but . . . After I watched Fargo I went around talking like Marge for, like, a month."

It's rumored season 5 will be held in New York with taping set for July.

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