From Sushi Bar to Kushibar


There's a new place coming to Belltown this summer: Kushibar, which is marketing itself as "Japanese street food meets home cooking."

Chef Billy Beach (pictured above -- with apologies for the photo) and Umi Sake House owner Steve Han are the brains behind the operation, which is slated to open mid-August. It'll be located next to Tavolata. Chef Billy previously worked at Wasabi Bistro, Rain, Umi Sake House, and I Love Sushi, where he and Steven worked together.

Billy has spent most of his time in Seattle as a sushi chef. But now, with Kushibar, he's looking forward to mastering grilling and sauces. His menu will be heavy on skewered meats and fish, as well as what he calls "the best ramen in town."

The setting, I've been told, will be filled with light, sustainable woods, a year-round outdoor deck, and an open kitchen that affords guests a view of the incredible grilling.


2319 Second Ave., BELLTOWN


Open 7 days a week, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Website coming soon.

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